PRATHEEKSHA - a Ray of Hop

A dance drama based on Global Warming- the impending danger on Mother Earth, brilliantly choreographed by Rekha Sanu.

The performance begins presenting a Universe where there were no stars or planets. This is followed by the Big Bang and the formation of innumerable bodies including Earth. Rekha and her troupe, in well-knit sequences, portray the origin of life, early forms of life and finally, homo-sapiens. Mother Earth, with all her glory and charm- hills, rivers, forests, flowers, sea and snow capped mountains etc. are presented in a couple of enchanting scenes. Man in his crazy run after mechanization, starts deforestation and harmful constructions, misbalancing the ecosystem. Production of harmful elements and destruction of Earth’s atmosphere finally leads to Global Warming. Higher degree of heats falls on Earth as the Ozone cap is damaged. The entire snow of the mountains melts resulting in Tsunami and Global flood. All living creatures perish either by heat or by flood.

The performers conclude by inviting the world to join hands against the evil spirits whose callous activities push ‘Mother Earth’ to this precarious plight. ‘We are in short of time’, they alert, ‘let us stand together and fight against this evil’. This is “Pratheeksha- a Ray of Hope”.

Rekha Sanu has fabulously blended different dance forms in the dance drama. Lyrics by eminent poet Mullanezhi composed by Sumod Sridhar, with melodious rendering by Rekha herself and Chengannur Sreekumar, effectively contributes to convey the serious message.