As an exponent of Bharathanatyam, Rekha menon has won the acclamation of audiences and the appreciation of the connoisseurs whenever she has given performance of her art. Hailing from the picturesque coastal village of Triprayar in Kerala, Rekha descends from a line of gifted artists and scholars. Rekha started learning dance at the tender age of four from traditional teachers in her home village. Later she was trained in Bharathanatyam by Sri janardanan master Vatanappily and by his guru, the renowed M.R.Rajarathnam pillai of Thanjavur. She then joined the famed 'Kalakshetra', Chennai and obtained her diploma and post graduate diploma in Bharathanatyam in first class. She worked as a tutor in Bharathanatyam there and as a guest artist in the concert department of Kalakshatr Chennai. She has presented a number of solo and group performances at many art festivals and cultural programmes organized by Kalakshtra chennai, Music academy and other institutions at various places in India and abroad. she is now running an institution, 'Nritya Institute of Fine Arts' at Triprayar for thr promotion of dance and music.

About Nrithya
Nrithya has been conceived from deep concern for the ever more dangerously deteriorating Indian cultural scene especially among the youth. Tomorrow's building blocks for a better society, they are now being exposed to the evils of a consumeristic society, the effect of which is readily seen in their cultural life. Art in any from is aimed at the individul, ie to self refinement which is the first step to a cultural transformation. Genuine art is left aside for the so called pop art forms which give only an instaneous excitement. Fortunately some of our finest traditional art forms which attained their matchless perfection through years have managed to survive, for good. Nrithya thinks it is our duty to support them and flourish them. Nrithya has its own dance troupe and conducts Programmes all over Kerala & Outside.